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Biodiversity and agriculture nexus

Partners: Wageningen Environmental Research

This use case focuses on biodiversity as one of the European Green Deal (EGD) priority actions, while considering the agricultural landscape as focus environment for the investigation of impact of activities at farm field level on the biodiversity. To describe a basic conceptual design of biodiversity assessment within this study we use the Dutch Biodiversity Monitor (DBM), that measures the effect on biodiversity resulting from impact that farming has on the physical conditions on the environment expressed by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Research questions:
  • Can the integration and ML-based analysis of currently available biodiversity, agriculture, environmental, and remote sensing data provide comprehensive, verifiable, and actionable insights for different regions?
  • Can datacube functionality and ML help in finding patterns between effects of farm level measures, indicators of physical conditions and direct measures of biodiversity?
  • Can the insights obtained in the study region be extended to other regions, learned patterns reused by applying transfer learning?