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Spatial and temporal assessment of neighbourhood building stock

Partners: Stiftelsen Norsk Institutt for Luftforskning, Norwegian Institute for Air Research

The purpose of this use case is to focus on the potential impacts of building stocks on the material use and greenhouse gas emissions over time. This use case is geared towards two of the EGD priority actions (i.e., climate change and circular economy) emphasizing the need to enhance energy and resource efficiency in the building construction sectors, specifically during the renovation activities.

Research question:

  • Are enough data available to have a spatial estimation of building materials availability and energy performance of buildings?
  • To what extent can datacube infrastructure support actors, researcher, stakeholders, etc. to tackle the Green Deal priority action plans related to climate change and circular economy?
  • How efficiently and effectively can datacube infrastructure be scaled up to cover building stock at regional or national level?
  • Can datacube infrastructure knowledge be easily transferred and reproduced for other types of infrastructure (i.e., green, blue, and grey infrastructure)?

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