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D1.1 Project handbookDx.x Deliverable titleD3.1 UC exploratory data analysisD4.1 FAIRiCUBE Hub ArchitectureD5.1 List of datacube resources made availableD6.1 Internal Project PlatformD7.1 OEI requirement n1
D1.2 Validation reportD2.2: Report on UC data source synergiesD3.2 Machine learning strategy specific for each use caseD4.2 Public Listing (Catalogue of FAIRiCUBE data resources)D5.2 Description of the datacube ingestion pipelinesD6.2 Data Management Plan
D1.5 Project HandbookD2.3: UC Analysis PlansD3.3 Processing and ML applicationsD4.3 Public Listing (Catalog) of FAIRiCUBE processing/analysis resourcesD5.3 Validation of ingestionD6.3 Project Website
D1.6 Validation reportD2.4: UC Ingest/Process synergy reportD3.4 Processing knowledge base servicesD4.4 Operational FAIRiCUBE HUBD6.4 Training and education workshops
D2.5 Sharing UC workshop presentations and minutesD3.5 Technical and Use Case result feedbackD4.5 Apps to support community collaboration platformD6.5 Academic and course work
D2.6 Validation of UCD3.6 Validation of processing and ML applicationsD4.6 Validation of sharingD6.6 Communication Plan
D6.7 Upscaling plan
D6.8 Synergy report
D6.9 Business Plan
D6.10 Exploitation and Dissemination plan