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Project Partners

NILU is a highly qualified research institute with a leading competence profile within atmospheric composition, climate change, air quality, environmental contaminants, health effects, sustainable systems, circular economy, and digitalisation. NILU is an independent, nonprofit research institution established in 1969. Meet the NILU FAIRiCUBE team.

Wageningen Environmental Research is one of the research institutes of Wageningen University and Research. It focuses on applied research on green growth and our living environment by translating knowledge into practical value. Meet the WUR FAIRiCUBE team.

4sfera provides innovative solutions to customers through: innovative methods in data management, optimisation of resources and networks, data interpretation and analysis, environmental assessment at the local-regional level, communication of environmental information via the web and social networks. 4sfera is small SME providing  necessary IT solutions via web portals, mobile app applications, SMS/email alerts system etc. Meet the 4sfera FAIRiCUBE team.

The Natural History Museum of Vienna (NHMW) is one of the oldest, biggest and inspiring research museums in Europe, which hosts a collection of more than 30 million specimens. Started more than 270 years ago, the collections range from archaeological, geological and mineralogical to zoological and botanical samples. It conveys the diversity of nature, the evolution of planet Earth and life and the associated cultural development of mankind. Besides preserving and digitizing the collections, fundamental research with a focus on taxonomy, biodiversity and evolutionary biology play a central role. To accomplish these goals, the NHMW is partner in several international consortia that connect researchers across domains to tackle the global biodiversity crisis. Meet the NHM FAIRiCUBE team.

Epsilon Italia (EPSIT) is an independent SME established in 1996 in Mendicino (IT), active in the geospatial domain. The company provides highly qualified expertise to support the development and management of spatial data infrastructures and enables its customers to improve the findability, accessibility, interoperability and reuse of their data and to increase the value of their services. Meet the EPSIT FAIRiCUBE team.

EOX is a geospatial engineering and service company based in Austria, a non-startup, founder-managed business.
EOX creates Open Source software and tools to allow people to consume geospatial data in the cloud and on the Web, pursuing our slogan: “View The World Through Our Eyes”.
The company focuses on getting the most value out of the vast amount of the data acquired by Earth observation satellites and furnishes software and cloud infrastructure services to selected customers, in geoscience and European government organizations. Meet the EOX FAIRiCUBE team.

space4environment (s4e) is a privately owned company (SME) based in Luxembourg bridging the gap between policy requirements, spatial data and the provision of knowledge and information, including environmental thematic assessments and data intelligence to promote a better decision-making in the future. Meet the space4environment FAIRiCUBE team.

Constructor University (formerly International University Bremen and Jacobs University Bremen) is a private, state-recognised university in Bremen. It is a non-profit organisation (Constructor University gGmbH) and offers study programs in engineering, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences leading to Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees. There is also the Jacobs University International College (JUIC), a preparatory program for university studies. The university was renamed Constructor University in November 2022. Meet the Constructor University FAIRiCUBE team.