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The FAIRiCUBE project has links with a number of projects and by sharing information on project results and events we aim to achieve synergy.

Projects within the same EU call (HORIZON-CL6-2021-GOVERNANCE-01-17)

USAGE (USAGE project ( USAGE aims at overcoming legal and technical barriers to the sharing and exploitation of urban data needed for policies related to Local Green Deal (LGD) among public bodies, private organisations and civil society.

AD4GD (AD4GD Project ) (All Data 4 Green Deal ) AD4GD’s mission is to co-create and shape the European Green Deal Data Space as an open hub for FAIR data and standards-based services that support the key priorities of pollution, biodiversity and climate change

Biodiversity building blocks for policy (B3 Project): The overarching goal of the project is to provide easy access to tools in a cloud computing environment, in real-time and on-demand, with state of the art prediction models of biodiversity, that will output models and indicators of biodiversity status and change 

Other related projects

FAIRsFAIR ( ): Practical solutions for the use of FAIR principles throughout the data life cycle

WorldFAIR ( The WorldFAIR project sets out to produce recommendations, interoperability frameworks and guidelines for FAIR data assessment

GREAT ( The GREAT project aims to establish the Green Deal Data Space Foundation and its Community of Practice which builds on both the European Green Deal and the EU’s Strategy for Data.