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The FAIRiCUBE HUB is the main deliverable of this project. It is a crosscutting platform and framework for data ingestion, provision, analysis, processing, and dissemination, to unleash the potential of environmental, biodiversity and climate data through dedicated European data spaces. Within this project, TRL 7 will be attained, together with the necessary governance aspects to assure continued maintenance of the FAIRiCUBE HUB beyond the project lifespan.

In the table below an overview is provided of the FAIRiCUBE services that are developed and accessible at the moment including the links.

Service NameLink to serviceDescription
FAIRiCUBE Documentation
Landing page for project documentation
FAIRiCUBE Hub Documentation page for FAIRiCUBE Hub documentation
FAIRiCUBE Data catalog data catalog
FAIRiCUBE Data catalog catalog, to be merged with main data catalog
FAIRiCUBE Lab Rasdaman to access and process data
FAIRiCUBE Lab EOX to access and process data
FAIRiCUBE Knowledge Base tool complimenting the FAIRiCUBE documentation
FAIRiCUBE GitHub GitHub project with thematic and use case repositories
FAIRiCUBE Data Metadata
Ingestion Forms
Entry to data meta data ingestion (shared with data ingestion)
FAIRiCUBE Resource Metadata Ingestion Forms to analysis and processing meta data ingestion

The architecture figure below shows the structure and relationship of the FAIRiCUBE HUB providing the services listed above.