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UC5: Biodiversity occurrence cubes

Partner: Naturhistorisches Museum Wien, Natural History Museum Vienna (NHMW)

One core concern of biodiversity research pertains to gaining a better understanding of the multitude of factors influencing whether species flourish or wither depending on their local environment. To date, this research was painstaking, with researchers manually gathering data on potentially relevant factors before they can commence their analyses. In this use case, we aim to leverage the diverse resources becoming available in spatiotemporal grids to widen the scope of potential factors that can be correlated with species distribution; these identified correlations must then be vetted by domain experts to identify underpinning causalities before being utilized at a wider scope for predictions. In addition, available point-based occurrence data stemming from both specimens and observations will be transformed to multidimensional gridded formats for integration and analysis with other FAIRiCUBE holdings.

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