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Webinar: Introduction to the EDC EOxHub

🗓️     Upcoming Webinar: Introduction to the EDC EOxHub
On Friday, August 4th, 1:00 PM (UTC+02:00) the EOX IT Services will conduct a comprehensive training session from the NoR Webinar Series presenting EDC EOxHub. The FAIRiCUBE use case partners which are using the HUB in the project will be on board learning more about EOxHUB and its capabilities.

EDC EOxHub is a cloud management and setup service that powers ready-made cloud workspaces to run EO workloads in the cloud, tailored to the individual needs of different projects. It provides managed JupyterLab instances with specific tooling and customizable environments for a wide community of users for commercial and non-commercial application domains.

In this training session an introduction to the three EDC EOxHub service types will be provided (interactive development environment, algorithm hosting, and data processing as a service), including their interdependencies.

Register and join the webinar by using the following links:–PYT registration at
and learn more: