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Energy calculation per residential building

Good news! The FAIRiCUBE project moves forward! In our synergy meeting in Oslo Babak Ebrahimi from the The Climate and Environmental Research Institute NILU recently presented project´s progress of use case number 04.

The overarching goal of UC4 is to estimate the energy and environmental performance of buildings, as well as in-use materials, like concrete and bricks. Based on a series of data collection and transformation, UC4 presents an initial energy calculation per residential building (total energy needed for heating) for the city of Oslo.

The result of the energy calculation shows an estimate of the energy needed for each building based on its construction year, geometry, and building type.

The image is an estimation of the as-built annual energy need for space heating (kWh/m2) for residential buildings (i.e., single-family house, multi-family house, and rowhouse) in Oslo. The energy estimation modeling is based on TABULA/episcope’s mode.
image source: The Climate and Environmental Research Institute NILU