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FAIRiCUBE Status Meeting in Girona/Spain

The FAIRiCUBE project team met for the 2nd status meeting this year welcomed not only by the local partner 4sfera Innova but also by summer-like temperatures which is not necessarily common in Spain at that time of the year. The focus of the meeting was to provide and discuss the status of all work packages, their individual highlights and relevance for the whole project.

Especially in light of the upcoming periodic reporting in 2024, it was extremely useful to present and agree on the general progress of FAIRiCUBE, i.e. the creation of the FAIRiCUBE Hub and the use case acting as demonstrators which execute data science work on the FAIRiCUBE Hub services.
Steadily, the vision of what FAIRiCUBE Hub is and what it can offer for data scientists working with large, gridded earth observation becomes reality.

Nevertheless, FAIRiCUBE Hub is not complete yet, during the status meeting we especially discussed the data ingestion pipeline and our knowledge base where we want to share data and processing meta data, technical help, tips & tricks and much more in a F.A.I.R. manner.

Apart from the project meeting, we enjoyed continuing our discussions during a wonderful Girona sightseeing walk followed by a team dinner where we indulged in the local cuisine!

Many thanks to 4sfera for hosting the successful meeting, we gladly come back again!