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Status Meeting @ NILU

The FAIRiCUBE project team met for the first status meeting this year in Kjeller at NILU (close to Oslo). The focus of the meeting was to prepare for the periodic review meeting in March. Every WP lead prepared a presentation of the progress, challenges and future steps of the WP. There were also some extra presentations about a visualization tool one of the use cases is using to show results and about the upcoming seminars. The discussions lead to better presentations, more insights and more interaction between the WP’s.

Since it is a project with many interactions between WP’s and Use Cases, it was very useful to get a good overview of the general progress of FAIRiCUBE. Also the discussions on the challenges the Use Cases and WP’s are facing and the solutions they are aiming for were very valuable. Steadily, the vision of what FAIRiCUBE Hub is and what it can offer for data scientists working with large, gridded earth observation becomes more and more clear.

After the project meeting, we braved out into the snowy forest for a Cabin hike during which we enjoyed a typical Norwegian Spaghetti dinner, many games and further discussions on UC related topics. We picked up on open discussion items from the meeting and established better collaboration relations for an even better second half of the project. Many thanks to NILU for hosting the successful meeting and the Cabin hike!