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Sharing project expertise through knowledge base services

Sharing the experience of project use cases is key to achieving FAIRiCUBE’s core goal of bringing the power of data cubes and machine learning to actors beyond the classic EO domains. The Knowledge Base services have been designed for this purpose. They are currently under development (prototype phase).

Guidance, recommendations, technical and implementation expertise on data analysis and processing are readily available to users through two interacting platforms: the Community Collaboration Platform and the Knowledge Base Platform. The first provides simplified access to the documentation of the FAIRiCUBE Hub and the resources of the use cases: Getting Started, Examples, Self-Training Library on Machine Learning and Data Cubes. The exchange of information between experts/users also takes place through the FAIRiCUBE dedicated GitHub repositories.

The second provides simplified access to analysis & processing resources. Its core is the Query Tool, which enables interactive searches over the project’s analysis and processing resources, based on different levels of technical expertise. This tool can be used to discover and analyse the processing resources of the use cases and their assets (datasets, pre-trained models, code libraries …) through the accurate descriptions contained in the related metadata. The searches can be performed using keywords and pre-defined queries, or by creating a custom query (recommended for advanced users only). In addition, a Tips & Tricks section documents use cases challenges, with related successes, failures, solutions & workarounds.