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FAIRiCUBE is organizing the second use case seminar!

On 16th of April FAIRiCUBE will facilitate an online seminar on Use Case 2: Agriculture and Biodiversity Nexus, led by Wageningen Environmental Research. You can register here.

The main objective of Use Case 2 is to improve the knowledge about the correlation between biodiversity and different agricultural practices using a machine learning approach which is consistent across different regions. This would allow to better analyze the impact on biodiversity from agricultural activities and related changes in the physical conditions (e.g., soil, groundwater, emissions etc.). Finally, it aims at increasing awareness about data cubes and AI in domain stakeholders involved in the smart agriculture and biodiversity fields. This is particularly interesting for stakeholders such as local policy makers and environmental organizations, to support them in making better-informed decisions such as selecting more nature-inclusive practices promoting biodiversity and eventually reward farmers for their performance on biodiversity.  

In the seminar the work done so far will be presented, followed by an interactive session on the foreseen applications of machine learning outcomes from the use case and their usability for biodiversity conservation. How and to what degree can AI support bird biodiversity conservation in the Netherlands? 

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